MÁTRA TRANSPORT - logistics company

Road Haulage and Forwarding

The company has at its disposal a fleet of its own vehicles comprising of 52 trucks of various types and models and a number of contracted vehicles.


A new warehouse in the company grounds with the usable area of  1800 m2... 

Drive Away Transport Service

Transportation of new trucks from production plants throughout Europe. Transportation of used trucks throughout Europe.

Truck Servicing

A modern servicing centre in the company’s own premises boasting sophisticated servicing and diagnostics equipment with experienced mechanics.

MÁTRA TRANSPORT - transport logistics company

MÁTRA TRANSPORT a.s. was founded in 1991 and is currently the largest haulage and in the region, providing comprehensive transport and servicing activities. The company has its seat in its own grounds, which have been completely reconstructed, comprising of technical and administrative centres, staff facilities, servicing centre for trucks, storage premises and technical areas for trucks.

The company employs 130 people, who perform activities of road haulage, forwarding and logistics, vehicle servicing, storage and administration.

All production activities have been certified pursuant to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2000 since 1999 and the quality system management has been successfully recertified up to the present day. The core strategic objective of the company is to build long-term good relations with business partners, ensure the maximum level of services and establish a stable and highly professional working team.

Erbenova 134
256 01 Benešov
IČO: 14803241
DIČ: CZ14803241

tel.:+420 317 727 271, Extension 21
fax: +420 317 727 797
e-mail: matra@matratrans.cz

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